Thank you! You're all booked. 

I can't wait to create something magical together!



Your client homework, contract, invoice, emails + forms are stored here! (Your password is located in your Welcome Email.)

Click above to download Voxer (free version) on your smartphone - I'm available from 10am - 12pm CST, M - F for voicemail/text chats regarding your project. Click here to sign up!


Please drag n' drop any photos, text, logos or collateral I'll need before your start date. I'll send you an email link to this folder so you can login directly. If you don't already have a Dropbox account, it will prompt you to create a Free account.

Your Homework Instructions

On Pinterest, create and fill a public board with inspiration for your brand. I suggest pinning 25 - 30 pins of colors, textures, patterns, architectural details, images from nature, paint swatches, other logos for inspiration (pretty much anything you are drawn to). Keep your ideal client in mind when you're pinning. If you get stuck, feel free to pin from my Design Inspo boards.

Send me the link to your board when you’re done so I can see it! Once your board is complete, just click the "Edit" button, scroll down and add me as a Collaborator. There, you just enter in my email (erin@evermintdesignstudio.com)
and send it to me.

1. Create a Pinterest Board

Before your start date, I kindly request that these 3 things be done before we start. This will ensure a smooth process throughout our time together! First, I'd like you to fill out a Pinterest board for design inspiration for your brand. Secondly, I'd like you to fill out the online Design Questionnaire I sent to you in your Welcome Email. Lastly, I need all of your photos and copy (text) uploaded to the Dropbox folder. Once those are complete, you're done and I'll take over from there on your start date!

2. Fill Out Your Design Questionnaire

Please fill out your Design Questionnaire before your project start date. This can be found in your Client Portal.

3. Add Your Photos, Text and any Other Graphics I'll need for your brand to your Dropbox folder.

I've shared a Dropbox folder with you in your Welcome Email. I have also sent a link to your email address. You'll need to click on the link you get in the Dropbox email - this will prompt you to sign up for Dropbox or login to your account. Dropbox is free to use. Simply drag and drop your photos, graphics and documents inside the folders within our shared Dropbox folder. I will be able to see when you have uploaded your items.

Feedback Guidelines

This project is of course very close to your heart but it’s important to always keep your target audience top of mind and not get caught up in personal preferences. Therefore, instead of sharing what you like/dislike personally, try to view it from your Ideal Client’s eyes and think about how would they react to the design. Remember, at the end of the day, this project is all about them!

Vague or contradicting feedback can create confusion and set us back, therefore try to be as specific as possible when providing feedback. Focus on one element at a time and try to explain why you like/dislike something and provide a suggestion on how I could improve it. For example, instead of saying “I don’t like this color”, try “I don’t think this color will appeal to our audience because […]. Perhaps we could try a warmer color?”

My design process is very intentional and I always ensure that each element is built with purpose. So while I will do my best to walk you through my thought-process, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re unsure about something. This also helps show that you value my opinion and trust my expertise – at the end of the day, there’s a reason why you chose me as your Partner for this project, right?

At different stages throughout the project, you will be asked to provide feedback on design concepts, colors, fonts, etc. Providing feedback can be hard, but it’s important to make it constructive to ensure the project can move forward smoothly.

I really appreciate simple and straightforward feedback. It helps me clearly understand your thoughts and make the right changes to your designs.

Here are a few tips on providing awesome feedback:

• Try and use bullet points to break up your feedback.
• Use headers to organize your feedback.
• Read over your feedback to make sure it’s clear and check that you’ve answered any questions I may have asked.
• Please use the form in the Client Portal that I've provided to leave your feedback instead of emailing me directly. Back and forth emails can get tiring but communicating in the Client Portal is a breeze!

If you have team members that would like to add their feedback, I kindly ask that you gather the feedback into one message. This stops everyone from getting confused and keeps the project organized.

To help keep your project on track to finishing on time, please provide feedback on your designs within two business days of receiving them. 

I really appreciate your effort to provide files and feedback on time. Timeliness from both of us will help us get your project complete so you can move on to the next exciting task on your to-do list and I can cheer you on.

Thank You!

Once your homework is complete, I'll begin the design process on your start date. I look forward to working on your project - thank you for trusting me with your business!

xo Erin